already dead tapes & records


BBJR / Painted Faces


May 3rd, 2019

Artist Location:
Dubuque, IA / Ridgewood, NY

“Two long-loved Already Dead artists have come together to collaborate on a special run split 7” lathe cut, and it is an absolute pleasure to experience the moment that Bob Bucko Jr. and Painted Faces have carved out from the ether to be rendered to record.

Bob takes side A, opening with “Under The Sun,” a rolling acoustic piece featuring wonderful vocal harmonies and a red-hot electric guitar flashing about just out of reach. Here, he sings of the weight of the reality of being alive.

“(The) Big Real” floats on a single trembling electric guitar while Bob’s similarly trembling voice delivers a sad, beautiful melody to someone and no one and everyone and anyone. For just a moment, the fiery guitar from the previous cut returns as if to lend some hope and levity. That hope is lost, tho, as the tape recorder is cut.

Painted Faces’ side B of this split is titled “Unusual Glow,” and it is truly the sound of being lost. Shallow waves of droning distortion hover below blasts of the same, but honed to different finesses like a kit of surgical knives. The grasping, scratching textures leap out and entangle as if they were the wretched branches of a half-dead forest and you are running from something that you do not want to catch you. Then all at once a clearing breaks, a bright light opens from the sky, a voice begins to fill your head, and you wonder why you even tried to run at all.”
-Jarad Selner, Already Dead Tapes, 2019

7″ Lathe Edition of 30