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Brightest Night to Memory

Brightest Night to Memory

January 25, 2019

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI

“This self-titled debut from Brightest Night to Memory explores the outermost edges of inner dialogue. A project two years in the making, these are songs crafted diligently by Andrew Buczek of Coastal Car and his longtime creative partner Jake Block, who Buczek played with in the group Dad Jeans some time ago. They borrow the name from yet another Already Dead project: Jake Leech’s ambient tape of the same name. These recordings pay tribute there in many ways.

The world laid out in this music is a sprawling, near-infinite waste punctuated by the very ideas of life and love. With words whispered sweetly underneath piles of washy arpeggios here and behind floating soundscapes there, the music contained herein is mostly somber—sometimes downright bleak. Even so, there is a hopefulness that cannot be shaken; a bright light in a cabin window at the bottom of a snow-covered midnight hill.

Drum machines and Casios make appearances in all the expected places, which are accompanied by more ‘organic’ instrumentation, at times juxtaposed with modern-sounding synthesis. This is ambient bedroom pop at its finest, but while the tape-hiss-laden home-recording charm is obvious now and then, the final production of these songs is absolutely superb and a true joy to listen to.

Simply calling this record bedroom pop is not fair, however. There are moments of experimentation and adventure, with sounds conjured forth in arcane ways and whipped to a blustering, icy frenzy. Guitars, test tones, and samples are twisted, pulled, and contorted to stretch on forever in all directions. Even at the apex of this expression, though, Buczek and Block reveal themselves as servants to the song; the soft pulse we are used to returns. We are never left out in the cold for long.”
-Jarad Selner, Already Dead Tapes, 2019

Cassette Edition of 60
Artwork by Joshua Tabbia