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Comfort Food

Falling Up A Down Escalator

September 7, 2018

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL

“Despite crafting a sound whose influences are easy to pin down, Comfort Food have spent the last several years in Chicago creating something completely their own. There are obvious elements of jazz, noise rock and post-punk, but the way in which Jake and Danny bring them together is unlike anything I’ve heard before.

On their third album for Already Dead, ‘Falling Up A Down Escalator,’ Comfort Food have crafted their most dynamic effort to date. While “Dad City” and “A Cordial Warning” bring a familiar yet updated take on the band’s building and danceable sound, tracks like “(MacGyver Grunting)” and “Claim the Hair Trophy” show a groovy, expansive, and slick as hell side of the band not previously heard on past efforts. There’s an ambient, trippy element to this album that clearly differentiates itself from the group’s past work. “Mystery Dome 2017” is a jazz-lounge-western-space odyssey carried by the rhythm section, as weird electronics and loops set off alarms in the distance. Another unexpected highlight of the album is “Dollar Legs,” a track which features Darko the Super spitting bars over the funk-jazz groove, as horns and samples fill the back of the room.

With ‘Falling Up A Down Escalator’ Comfort Food have once again created an infectious, one-of-a-kind album that further cements their importance in the Chicago music scene and Already Dead roster.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2018

Cassette Edition of 100