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Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt

Vegas of Feelings

July 13, 2018

Artist Location:
San Diego, CA

“Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt’s ‘Vegas of Feelings’ creates a bit of a gloomy summer vibe. It’s hard to explain. I actually struggled for a long time trying to decide how to begin this write-up, how to best sum up the sound of this album for a potential listener. Can you picture in your head ‘Revolver’ if it was recorded by Guided by Voices? If that combination is your bag (it IS mine) then you will probably find this to be a worthwhile listen.

After a couple of listens I found myself humming along to most songs. Each track has at least one or two really strong little melodic moments which are guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Of particular note are the chorus melody on “Sweet Cecelia” and the fuzzed-out guitar leads on “Neighborhood Cats,” probably my favorite track on the album.
Lyrically things tend to veer toward bummerville.

Even when sweet sentiments are expressed they are inevitably overcome by pessimism and doubt. On album opener “The Locals,” the singer suggests to his love interest that they “start a family like the locals like to do” so he can spend his evenings “killing dreams” with her. On the title track, he proclaims: “I just hit the jackpot on nothing/pour another glass full and charge it to the bar.” ‘Vegas of Feelings’ is indeed a fitting album title.

If you’re looking for a sweet, upbeat yet melancholy pop-rock album to be the soundtrack to your summer, look no further.”
-Wallace Luckas, Already Dead Tapes, 2018

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