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user error

May 25, 2018

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL

“You might agree that the mid-1990’s were the salad days of math rock, a time where the term ‘math rock’ was still a joke phrase and only just picking up traction from the zines and journos. There were bands like Chavez, Polvo, Shudder To Think that added rhythmic complexity to their combinations of grunge, slacker rock, post-punk, and post-hardcore. What made these bands so good is that their discordant frolicks were well-balanced with palatable hooks and sing-alongs.

Midwestern trio sewingneedle are one of the handful of great bands bringing us back to this math rock golden era, with its dissonant jangly guitar work and post-hardcore crossbreeding. The band is releasing the second album ‘user error’ on May 25, 2018, and today we are proudly premiering it right here on the site.

Recorded in 2016 by engineer/producer Greg Norman (Russian Circles, GY!BE), ‘user error’ was tracked at Electrical Audio across three days. The finished product comprises twangy guitar tones, abrasive bass hooks and punchy lyrics, which together make for an easy trip into your brain. Honestly, we’ve just had a fucking blast listening to this record, and we hope you do too.”
-Mike Hunter, Fecking Bahamas, 2018

Edition of 60