already dead tapes & records




May 18, 2018

Artist Location:
Germany/St. Louis, MO

“This collaboration between Jörg Schneider of Jealousy Mountain Duo and the two members of Complainer is a collection of seven pieces which find the performers delving heavily into free jazz and free improvisation. Listeners may be surprised to learn that despite the very “live” feel of these tracks, this collaboration was recorded not only in separate sessions but in entirely different countries. Those familiar with either outfit may also note that the final sound achieved is quite different from both Complainer’s punk recordings and Jealousy Mountain Duo’s freewheeling jazz-rock.

Schneider sent the St. Louis, MO duo drum-only tracks from his studio in Germany. Complainer then recorded themselves performing to the cuts without listening to the tracks beforehand, capturing their first impressions. Complainer guitarist and vocalist Mabel Suen performed saxophone while drummer Joe Hess handled all the manipulation of Suen’s saxophone in real time. Hess later added touches of additional percussion throughout the release.

The result is at turns abrasive, compelling, challenging, striking, and immersive. Lovers of music that is far from accessible but highly rewarding through repeated listens will gladly spend time with this release.”
-Peter Cook, Already Dead Tapes, 2018

Edition of 60