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The Myriad Ones

The Hardest Part

April 6, 2018

Artist Location:
Des Moines, IA / Canada

“This first collaboration between frequent ADT contributors Bob Bucko Jr and Storm Ross is a perfect encapsulation of the label’s character at large and a testament to the magic of the Already Dead Family.

Swinging through styles and disregarding genre, the album turns corners from track to track. Forlorn dirges explode into Replacements power-pop bombast. Beautiful duets float over head-bopping chords chugging along on their own accord, with Storm Ross’s strings coming in like bits of sun sparkling through a dusty window pane. “Pretty Things” blasts by like it was played atop a flatbed train barreling down the rails, while “Moonfight” takes things down a bit with intimate percussion, acrobatic guitar playing and flat-out gorgeous vocal work. Walls of wailing guitars give way to lush drum machine drones, sometimes tilting into a sort of post-rock “Baba O’Riley” territory like on the album’s epic and joyous closer.

Besides Bob handling all of the programming, synth, bass and drum machines and Storm Ross shredding all of the guitars, the duo had some help from their extended ADT family. Darko the Super takes some time off from working the counter at the Hell Hole Store to drop a particularly choice verse on “Stark” and Kristina Castañeda absolutely shines on every track to which she lends her vocals. Jeremy Edwards pulls double-duty providing percussion on a handful of tracks and also recording all of Storm’s guitars. Bob took care of the rest of the recording with a little help from Matt Hohmann who also mastered the whole thing.

The Myriad Ones’ first offering is a mission statement, a part of the cassette corporate culture. Keep towing that company line y’all, it plays great.”
-Dillon Kelley, Already Dead Tapes, 2018

Edition of 60