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Coastal Car

Silent Moons, Silent Rooms

March 9, 2018

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI

“Coastal Car’s ‘Silent Moons, Silent Rooms’ is another dependably strong selection of honest-to-gawd GREAT INDIE-POP MUSIC. This is coming from someone very jaded about that world. As always, Already Dead puts out the finest in independent music, same as it ever was. Andy Buczek is a tremendously gifted songwriter and musician (very skilled at the one-man band thing as well as a terrific drummer as a side note). He is definitely wise beyond his years. Hey, it’s a cliché but life is full of them.

The album opens with its lush, symphonic overtones and a TWIN PEAKS sample, which is always cool. Songs and sounds reminiscent of Phil Elverum, Elliott Smith, Kurt Vile, (Sandy) Alex G, and the more orchestral symphonies of the Flaming Lips come to mind. A lot of dreamy, coasting-down-the-highway vibes permeate, more tales of the traveler.

Lyrics deal with dreaming, hoping, relationships, post-adolescence, longing, and observation. Much of this material could work as the soundtrack for indie films or teenage make-out sessions. Themes of nostalgia and wintery melancholy adorn swirling soundscapes, gorgeous acoustic guitars, and tasteful synth lines. Everything sounds downright professional. This is a songwriter who is confident and really knows where he’s coming from and what he’s drawing from (as evidenced in the track, “Ode to the Shed,” where he mentions listening to ‘Pet Sounds’ nineteen times on a lonely day).

This is another of many artists on Already Dead that actually sounds “famous.” Pay attention to him because he’s pretty young and definitely destined for “bigger” things. And pretty soon, he’ll be playing college campuses all over the country…

Bonus Fun Fact for the serious heads: This isn’t the first album on Already Dead Tapes to feature a track called “Wait, What!””
-David Drucker, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Cassette Edition of 60