already dead tapes & records


Fuck Lungs


March 2, 2018

Artist Location:
St. Louis, MO

“To label Fuck Lungs’ latest offering, ‘Honeysuckle,’ as “free jazz” might be selling it short. Much like the sounds of the various birds and insects attracted to the honeysuckle, the pieces contained herein have no formal beginning, middle, or end. Although most of these sounds are created by woodwinds and percussion, at times it feels almost more like a field recording of naturally occurring sounds than it resembles something created by humans in a studio. This music exists. It might have been going on long before someone hit record and may well continue into eternity.

Funny enough, much of the music relies on studio trickery including blatant (not subtle) tape-speed manipulation as part of the final product, much like Neu! did on the second side of their second record. Somehow, this tactic doesn’t feel intrusive to the natural order of chaos which Curt Oren and Joe Hess are creating on their respective instruments. It all flows with the spontaneity of a misfit stream.

A meditative and transcendent experience, this release will provide the perfect soundtrack for the transition from this harsh winter into springtime.”
-Peter Cook, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Cassette Edition of 100