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September 22, 2017

Artist Location:
New Orleans, LA

“Rarely does an album title so perfectly summarize the listening experience as does TREPANATION, the debut from New Orleans’ Sounding.

Trepanning is the process of drilling a hole into the human skull to relieve pressure. The character of Max Cohen was seen performing this act in the 1998 psychological thriller PI. In fact, a clip of dialog from the film is included at the very beginning of the album, as well as near the end. In between, the members of Sounding, having previously served in prominent southern metal and noise acts such as Goatlab, That Yellow Bastard, and Pacifist, effectively drill a burr hole into the listener’s head.

Unrelenting, uncompromising, and uncanny, TREPANATION combines the brutal onslaught of grindcore with the more playful aspects of noise (song titles include “Crustfund (A Jagged Little Pill),” “Punk is Dad,” and “Corporate Handjobs – Fetish Handouts.” Must be heard to be believed.

Recommended if you like Genghis Tron, Daughters, and/or Pg. 99.”
-Peter Cook, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

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