already dead tapes & records


Neuringer / Dulberger / Masri


August 25, 2017

Artist Location:
Philadelphia, PA

“Dromedaries represent a much-loved yet underrepresented element of the Already Dead catalog. We’re thrilled to have more Jazz on the label and hope that you enjoy this music as much as we have.

Neuringer, Dulberger, and Masri have created a powerful work full of unrelenting and beautifully nuanced energy. The style nods to masters of the past while confidently creating something completely their own. Well-seasoned pros and world travelers lead you through sounds that slowly shift, change, and envelop you in emotion. Drums and acoustic bass allow the saxophone to shine through while each instrument perfectly compliments the other. Individual contributions are secondary to the final picture. Quick, punching notes weave together around small brilliant gaps of light and air. There is a challenging and inspiring language here waiting to be translated. Worth every single moment you can devote to it. Grab a copy today and get ready to dive in”
-Sean Hartman, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Edition of 100