already dead tapes & records


Analog, IL / Cop Funeral

Carp Lake

July 21, 2017

Artist Location:
Anytown, USA

“CARP LAKE is brought to you by Analog, IL (bass) and Cop Funeral (electronics). This collaboration is truly musical art and provides no glimpses into the process, but only the outcome, which is as vivid visually as it is aurally. The best way to describe this release is to enter inside of what I can only describe as another dimension. Here are my notes from my travels:

The faster we move the more visually impressive the terrain becomes. Sleeping and playing, recording with eyes closed, exploring the vastness of the unknown. If a lighthouse could be a sound, or if a sun could produce multi-chromatic beams that could be felt as well as seen, then this is where we are. There’s no telling how long we’ll be here, this other dimension, this other world, but there is a simple content feeling provided by the light splash of the waves reaching the icy planet’s edge. The water, the skyline so strikingly different than what we’ve known. The longer we’re grounded in this place the more we want to hear. Transmissions ripple on the surface of the lake, patterns are shaped so ornately that we become immobilized in visceral understanding. Nothing of which could be seen at even the most prestigious museums.

A special experience for the few who should ever be in the iridescent mirror of unbridled creativity. This is the soundtrack to lucidity.” ”
-Bill Tucker, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Edition of 100
C19 Cassette