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Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness

Death Chants

July 14, 2017

Artist Location:
Portland, OR

“It is not often that a piece of music can produce such immense, vivid imagery and emotion before it is even played. Ak’chamel, the Giver of Illness’s DEATH CHANTS sets itself up for an intense listen right out of the gate. The album does not disappoint, relent, or sway from its initial suggestions concerning turmoil and woe.

DEATH CHANTS doesn’t rely on the typical means of conveying the powerful concepts invoked in every single song title. The album utilizes swellings of voices, the plucking of strings, the blowing of horns to emit often overwhelming emotions. It is an incredible experience floating through the tattered, low-fidelity rumblings of Ak’chamel. It feels warm and destructive, the sounds that brought down Jericho.

A more practical description would be an album steeped in old folk sounds not particularly familiar to Western culture. Vocals often sound more like chants, deep and wobbling. Track four (“Tragedy at Birth”) has a black metal pace that explodes promptly upon arrival. However, this is by no means a metal album (at least not a conventional one). Ak’chamel is a project that embodies the wonderful noises that arise from the weird world of experimental music. DEATH CHANTS is unique in thousands of ways and sure to add something new to your library.”
-Jacob Watkins, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Edition of 100
C42 Cassette