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The Hell Hole Store (Darko the Super & iAlive)

Return to The Hell Hole Store

June 23, 2017

Artist Location:
Philadelphia, PA

“congratulations! you’ve managed to RETURN TO THE HELL HOLE STORE presented to you today by already dead tapes. darko and ialive have come back to serve as your gracious hosts as you stroll down shady lane to the most bugged out, booty bouncin’, rip roarin’ rap attack you’ll ever have until the next time we revisit THE HELL HOLE STORE. Along the way, you’ll stop off and hear what CODY JONES has to say. DROOL G RAP is going to tell you what he really thinks of THE HELL HOLE STORE. The bull-headed TORITO explains why he’s seeing red.
While visiting THE HELL HOLE STORE, you’ll hear plenty of references to the best shows of yesteryear, pets, other hell holes across the nations, food, bullshit, etc…you know, real grade-a material that you can only find at THE HELL HOLE STORE. i can tell you that the fellas really polished up the production this time around. tracks like “hell hole cafe” and “musician street” sound like MTV* made them. However, tracks like “mellow yellow 2” and “room 123” show that THE HELL HOLE STORE won’t ever stray too far from the weird side. while darko and ialive both take turns flying solo on some tracks, i like it best when they come together. darko is vicious – he spits like the dilophosaurus in jurassic park. newman doesn’t stand a chance. ialive is cool and soothing like aloe vera on your left arm after you’ve been driving with the window down all day. he croons like bing crosby. despite the contrasting styles, you’ll come to find that these two somehow magically mesh together flawlessly. if you’ve ever had tajin on watermelon, you know what i’m talking about. the guests kill it, the beats are funky, darko and ialive are definitely on. you think you’re ready to RETURN TO THE HELL HOLE STORE? if so, you better not have brought any coupons.

*the real MTV, i don’t know what they have now”
-Alex Borozan, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Edition of 100
C50 Cassette