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New Tongues


June 16, 2017

Artist Location:
Columbus, MO

“Columbia, MO’s own New Tongues are back on Already Dead Tapes for their 3rd release on the label. In this installment, 2017’s “Dark/Light”, the band continues to explore the punchy psych side of their punk infused heavy onslaught. The album begins with the brooding “spaghetti western” buildup of an opening track in “Stay Woke”. Throughout the songs “Gentle Release” and “Beautiful Projection”, the group slides in and out of grungy hooks and drone builds while venturing to angst driven “rock-outs” that give the listener the exact outcome they were hoping for. The closing track, “Salt the Fields”, is a beautiful, unexpected mound of frustration and hope forced along by way of a fuzzy bassline and poetic vocals. The beat that kicks in halfway through this bookend is the perfect complement to the first half that preceded it. The track ends as ominous as it begins, and casually brings us to the end of the album. On this aptly titled release New Tongues once again find a way to make our heads nod, our brains feel numb and leave us wanting more.”
-Wesley Nowlin, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Edition of 60
C24 Cassette