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Ichtyor Tides


April 7, 2017

Artist Location:

“Just in time for Spring comes this new tape from Ichtyor Tides. Firmly planted in the textural ambient drone/dream zone! To those who seek blissful mind vibes, come hither!

Ichtyor Tides’ jams are reminiscent of Kranky heroes like Growing, Windy & Carl or even the cathedral drones of Tim Hecker, William Basinksi and Fennesz. Definitely gauzy stuff, like falling asleep to tv snow. The tape opens up with oceanic psych drone waves undulating and building. Total sonic sound bath. Solid jams for chillin out, getting high, love making, falling asleep, dreaming and then waking up and doing more contemplating….or on headphones while flying over vast oceans and terrains of landscape. “Stroir” has a neo noir retro futurist beat that drives the track through some distant planet chase scene, this one reminds me of early Loscil. I believe the correct term for this sound is “glitch”. The track “Attreis” is straight up creepy/ominous, sounds like some David Lynch horror soundtrack kinda thing which I really dig! This is some cracked stuff man! “Nofo” rules! Killer synth jam! Jumping ahead to “Transiit”…damn! Jumping through time and tracklist here, because life doesn’t have tracklists…a lot of groovy aquatic tones, lagoon vibes on the second track….alien rainforest….full disclosure listening to this sober but while drinking coffee at my dayjob, really putting me in a serene head state…sounds like photos…pictures..memories….digital storm….gorgeous TONES…reminds me of the dream I had this morning…wait…what?

Who is this Ichtyor Tides and when can I get him to jam at Skinny Apartment?”
-David Drucker, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Edition of 60