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Rats Mouth

Bad Grammar

March 31, 2017

Artist Location:
Brooklyn, NY

“Short and sweet are not the first words that come to mind when listening to Rats Mouth’s new EP ‘Bad Grammar’. Though brief, this four song EP (with acoustic b-sides of each track) packs a lot of attitude and punch into its 22 minute running time. Rats Mouth pull influences from all directions, but most prevalent are their early 90’s grunge roots, heavily reminiscent of what made bands like the Pixies and even Violent Femmes so great, with a penchant for tongue-in-cheek lyrics and verses that build into big, loud choruses.

Album opener “Snoozer” begins straightforward enough, a gentle indie-rock lullaby, but quickly builds into an intense psuedo-hardcore pummel and growl, a match for any alarm clock’s howl. “Cool Rock Band” is a perfect representation of the band’s sound, confident, snarky verses that build into loud, catchy choruses. There’s also a fun exchange of male and female vocals that adds a lot of charm and depth to these songs. “Get So Lust” is a much more immediate track that rips from beginning to end, with an unembarrassed energy that propels that album forward, while still catchy as hell. “Better Get Me Down” brings heavy nostaglia, another catchy grunge-pop tune that brings a more sincere tone to close out the EP. Side B brings the same tracks, but in a stripped down acoustic take that gives them a more intimate, even vulnerable feel.

All in, ‘Bad Grammar’ is an extremely catchy and honest grunge release that’s a fun and relatable listen. ”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

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