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Totally Boring


March 24, 2017

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL

“Can a sound and a feeling be the same thing? Or is it the sound that brings on the feeling? Or is it an initial feeling that perpetuates the sound in which other feelings are inspired? Chicken or egg, right? Well ‘Otherbird’, the new release from Already Dead newcomer Totally Boring, is a feeling unto itself. Engulfed in a periscope of bright colors and muted haze, this 4 song album steers itself through emotion into nothingness. It guides the listener through a glorious tunnel of soundscapes, loops and melody that can only be brought on by feeling. Chicago’s Totally Boring navigates listeners on a path to an empty space that somehow feels like it has everything. As bright as it dark, ‘Otherbird’ is an invitation to all to come along and enjoy existence. It bleeds and sweats sincerity; an open letter to the masses that it is okay to hurt, love and be vulnerable. And that feeling of acceptance stays with the listener long after the music is over.”
-Wesley Nowlin, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Edition of 60