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2 Hungry Bros.

Recipe for Disaster (Instrumentals)

February 17, 2017

Artist Location:
Brooklyn, NY

“A narration sample from John Huston’s 1946 antiwar documentary Let There Be Light about the traumatized soldiers “plunged into sudden and terrible situations” seems to be steering Recipe for Disaster in a political direction in the opening seconds of the album. However, when the beat kicks in, it quickly becomes clear that the allusions to war relate more to the struggles of daily life than to any kind of pointed attack on specific politicians or legislation. The entire album feels meticulously structured, the beats and samples supplied by Brooklyn’s 2 Hungry Bros. There are also hooks galore found on Recipe for Disaster. This is in part due to the wide variety of samples expertly employed by the vintage vinyl fanatic production team, with an emphasis on melodic passages and memorable instrumental choices. There is also just enough playful energy to the album between the dialog samples and clever beats that Recipe should win over those skeptical with its sheer creativity and craft.”
-Peter Cook, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Edition of 60