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Dream Automaton

February 3, 2017

Artist Location:
Portland, OR

“With creeping nightmares and blissful dreams, Tereshkova returns to Already Dead with Dream Automaton. For anyone familiar with Tereshkova’s previous works, the upbeat melodies and screaming guitars are gone; replaced instead by sampled cinematic tones and bowed strings to fuel the soundtrack to the foreboding.

Dream Automaton is neither soothing nor eerie. The greatest strength of the album sits on the fine line between joy and discomfort with cheery drones slowly displaced with slightly off-kilter ambiance. The album recreates some of Aphex Twin’s strangest moments on Selected Ambient Works. Perhaps the surprise shift in sound isn’t the most bizarre thing the electronic genre has created, but it is indeed a thralling trip across soundscapes. The album remains intense throughout, not only through sound, but through anticipation. The tone is set in the short introduction that opens the album. Nothing will remain for long.

Dream Automaton often feels like a something that should be accompanied by visuals. It is a soundtrack for the highs and the lows with pulsing beats subtly guiding the listener through a cinematic creation. There seem to be plot twists around every turn with crescendos in 16-bit fashion waiting around the corner. It is an experience that rewards with every listen. Though it is not quite conventional, it brings a wide spectrum of sound to the Tereshkova table already full of enjoyable tunes.”
-Jacob Watkins, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Edition of 60