already dead tapes & records




January 27, 2017

Artist Location:
Los Angeles, CA

“already dead proudly welcomes the return of l.a.-based soundscaper dotson with his third release for the label. ‘indifference’ takes off in a uniquely different direction than dotson’s previous two releases; he has exchanged some of the more subdued, spaced-out, chillax vibes for an “in your face” edge and a stronger focus on form and feeling. he does, however, preserve his signature slick production style – intensely contrasting organic sounds with cold, mechanized electronic bursts in a strangely complementary fashion. dotson masterfully harnesses chaotic sonic clouds and sews them together to form truly unique and immersive pieces. the title track indifference harkens back to the earlier dotson tapes with a lounge-y drum, bass, and rhodes combo but is strongly enhanced by elements that cause urgency and uncertainty. reaction sees the return of a.d. alum coin locker kid. by far the most rockin’ track on this release, the pair managed to cram a wrecking ball’s worth of energy into two minutes and resolve with diminished but soulful fanfare fading into a quiet emptiness. tracks like prehension and compulsion show off dotson’s knack for creating the aural equivalent of a cubist painting. he slices and dices sounds and glues them all back together to create complex textures and rhythms that flirt with that oh-so-fine line of auditory overload. the opening track reification musically narrates a futuristic journey from an electrified asteroid belt, then descending through the atmosphere of planet rave. dispassion closes the album with melancholy meditation, like trying to give your undivided attention to multiple chess games at once. with careful sound selection, strong compositions, and insatiable imagination, dotson gives you one tape to which you’ll find very hard to show indifference.”
-Alex Borozan, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Edition of 100