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Public Speaking

Enhanced Touch: Caress, Redact Remixes

December 14, 2016

Artist Location:
Brooklyn, NY

“Jason Harris known under his musical moniker Public Speaking has created an album that speaks, in acute detail, to the physical and psychological violence perpetuated against the bodies and identities of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. It is an intensely personal and acutely-aimed political album that ascribes the most intimate violence perpetuated against a person to a culture writ large.

The remix album itself explodes the intensely personal and noise-laden compositions by a series of remix collaborators that break and rebuild Harris’s tracks from the ground up while keeping his voice at the front and center. Jeremy Bible turns the textural crunch of “Blacksite Blues” into the highly cinematic stabs of a tightly composed string section, the pitch-shifted mutations of More Eaze on “Shifting Weight”, the beautiful, operatic rededication of ARIADNE’s “Blacksite Blues” weighed against sizzling black noise, to Umin’s chopped rendition of “Caress, Redact”.”
-Ryan Hall, Tome to the Weather Machine, 2016

Edition of 60