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Lost Trail

What If This Was All A Twilight, Trembling On The Edge Of Darkness​?​

November 25, 2016

Artist Location:
Burlington, NC

“This album has scattered my brain cells into the unknown realm of darkness. My skin has melted completely off my body and I am only a mere skeleton. I have shook hands with the devil and eaten grapes with the gods. Is this music or utter confusion? I am alone, yelling into the abyss but making no sound. It’s as if I was transported to the black lodge. This is what plays when you defeat Lucifer. Trapped in virtual reality due to a factory defect, this is all I can hear. This music isn’t the light, it’s the tunnel. Today I found out I’ve been already dead for a long time. Coincidentally I listened to this album while in purgatory and decided to stay there. The in-between is where I wanna be. Walking down Lost Trails.”
-Evan Souza, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 60