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Coastal Car


November 18, 2016

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI

“My first experience with Andrew Buczek was seeing him perform with the Forget the Times collective in 2015. He joined on guitar and Sean boasted “he’s amazing…and he’s only 18!”. I was impressed; he kept up, brought a unique sound to the project and seemed comfortable on stage. My next memory is recording with him at the Already Dead Summer Camp this past summer. He brought an arsenal of gear and never pulled the same trick twice during those sessions. He brought some weird and beautiful sounds to the table and even turned me on to some weird pedals. It was also that weekend that I first heard his solo project, Coastal Car. During the campfire open mic he played a couple tunes and I was immediately pulled in. What he played was so different from what I had heard from him up to that point. They were gentle, heart-on-the-sleeve songs with an edge, and they brought to mind elements of Hum, Elliott Smith, Radical Face and Maritime.

Fast forward six months and we’ve arrived at the release of ‘Lossless’, Buczek’s first full length solo release with Already Dead. On the surface ‘Lossless’ is a well constructed and catchy indie rock album, but as you dig in it’s so much more. Andrew’s prior experiences playing noise and free-jazz inform this record and make it a rich, dynamic experience. Gentle love songs explode into wall-of-noise shoegaze ballads. Layers upon layers of distortion drive a bedroom pop melody. Lyrically the album is well beyond Buzcek’s 19(?) years and unfolds an autobiography of midwestern life. Highlights come in the form of “Trade Centre Way”, a punch drunk love ballad, and “f u n”, a driving rock track with guitars and an atmosphere that take me back to the early 90’s.

What’s most impressive about this album is that it never pulls the same punch twice. Every track is a dynamic contrast from it’s predecessor, yet the album flows from end to end. ‘Lossless’ is a bright light from an artist who is still at the beginning of their artistic journey. ”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 60