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Misery Loves Co.

Business As Usual

November 04, 2016

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI

“There are very few things we know for certain about Misery Loves Co. We know for certain that Josh Miller is the human behind it all. We know for certain that it is not an actual company. We know for certain that uncertainty is what makes Misery Loves Co. Misery Loves Co.

Business As Usual is the second Misery Loves Co. release on Already Dead this year (a split with Watermelon came out back in June), but Josh has been all over the label in 2016. Be it Shoto’s split with Mold or the newest Forget the Times record, Miller has made this bizarre year all the weirder with his sounds. It is Business As Usual, however, that really puts into perspective how much he contributes to every project he touches.

The first two tracks on the album gently fade into Misery Loves Co.’s sound. If you listened to Already Dead’s sixth compilation tape, False//Love and Bitter Speaks will sound familiar. Then comes the noise. Hell Ain’t So Bad is a startling, transitionless explosion relatively similar to Shoto’s style. Affluent in Negativity and Relief can be heard in the background of quite a few Forget the Times tracks and experienced live whenever Josh is with FTT’s rotating lineup. Business As Usual, above all, reveals how important Josh is to every project he’s involved with. His flexibility and knack for shifting through styles and genres with such a small learning curve is what his true talent, and it’s on display here in full force. ”
-Jacob Watkins, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

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