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Saxsquatch and Bridge Band


October 14, 2016

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI

“the aptly titled “Territories” is the debut release of Kalamazoo stalwarts Saxsquatch & the Bridge Band, and boy, does it cover some ground…

“Middle West” takes you away to a vast desert on the back of a funky camel. you’re out there to find something. you don’t know what it is, but you can be sure the boys from the Bridge Band are going to help you find it.

in “Trans-Siberian Railroad Blues”, you’ll go from traversing the dunescape to rockin’ the casbah…er, Kremlin. hold on tight because this train isn’t slowing or stopping for anyone.

“Fighting Words” ushers in a new feeling – it’s cool, it’s calming, it’s a wide open space. yeah, there’s some tension to be felt but if you know the Saxsquatch like i know him, you know he’s going to turn it all around and make everything alright.

in “Pocketful of Nails”, these guys bring the hammer down square on the head. They bring the hurt like dropping a cinder block on your foot, with fun time signature changes to boot (not steel toe in this case).

“Miasma” is like a conversation where everyone is speaking a different language but all saying the same thing – a little confusing at first, but as the old adage suggests, “beauty lies in diversity”. in other words, there’s a lot going on in this song amongst the four musicians, but they bring together a lot of influences and make it something marvelous.

“Small Steps” is the great feel-good punch in the gut that every album deserves. i’m not sure if the title is a Coltrane reference (to Giant Steps), but i do know that the man would surely be tappin’ his toes if he were alive today to hear this closing track. i know you’ll be tappin’ yours too.”
-Alex Borozan, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 100