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Iain Shaw & David Shrigley

Listening to Slayer

October 8, 2016

Artist Location:
United Kingdom

“These are weird times to say the least. Donald Trump, Brexit, constant police brutality, Hurricane Matthew; the list goes on and on, and it’s not hard to imagine we’re rapidly approaching the end times. On this note Iain Shaw and David Shrigley mark their poignant return with ‘Listening to Slayer’, another short but sweet collaborative album following up 2013’s ‘Awesome’.

Where ‘Awesome’ took a decidedly more silly and humorous approach, ‘Listening to Slayer’ still has plenty of tongue-n-cheek humor and wit, but also a great deal more attitude; an attitude fitting of the events and climate of culture and politics in 2016. Title track “Listening to Slayer’ is probably the strongest example to this point: “the world is tearing its self apart, but I’m in my own world, listening to Slayer”, a clever and humorous juxtaposition that brings a smile during otherwise bleak times. “Be Joyful” is a relatable jab at being told how to behave, while “Hey You” is the track that sounds most like something that could have been found on ‘Awesome’, more outrightly humorous and lively, with some driving electric guitar. “Malicious Invective” has a great back and forth dialog with Shrigley doing spoken word and Shaw singing the chorus, bringing the charm and dynamic of the duo to life, while also taking a more somber turn from the tracks that preceded it, a theme which also plays out on “It Was Ok” and “I Wish”.

‘Listening to Slayer’ may be a little less upbeat and lighthearted than the duo’s previous effort, but it’s a necessary shift that reminds us why we love the duo in the first place. Shaw and Shrigley have a wonderful chemistry together and their humor and wit are just what we need in times like these.”
-Already Dead Tapes, 2016

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