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Mature Moods

October 8, 2016

Artist Location:
Brooklyn, NY

While 2014’s ‘Future Failure’ introduced us to LAW$UITS relentless blend of noise rock and no wave with the first collection of songs the group had written together, ‘Mature Moods’ finds the band stronger and more intentional than ever.

The chief difference with ‘Mature Moods’ is that it was designed as an album, and it shows. The record kicks off with the uncharacteristic “Nebulizer”, an unrelenting, noisy and wild instrumental track that builds into the album’s second and first proper track “Yanni Mnemonic”, which shows the LAW$UITS we’ve come to know and love, if not the album’s most poppy track. “Playing Dumb” comes next and shows a heavier and more experimental side of the band, with break neck speed offset with a harsh and eerie break at the midway point. Lyrically, the album continues in the tradition of ‘Future Failure’ with sarcastic and relatable lines about personal conflicts and the challenges of city life. “Living Situation” is a real high point of the record, combining the catchiest elements of their songwriting with an intense and driving rhythm section. Other highlights include “Needle Nose”, which is almost catchier than “Living Situation” thanks once again to an unrelenting rhythm section, and “Goiter” which highlights a different side of the band, in part to it’s zany vibe and jammy riffs.

‘Mature Moods’ makes it evident that LAW$UITS are only getting started and that the best is yet to come. A welcome progression from their debut and proof of the growth and friendship that bond the group. An excellent sophomore record from a band with much promise.”
– Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

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