already dead tapes & records


Cop Funeral


September 16, 2016

Artist Location:
Brooklyn, NY

“Under the unexplored seas, where blues and greens get lost in the darkness, deep into the woods which holds folklores and beliefs, inside all the the journal entries of a recently deceased parent there lays stories that need to be told. The teller starts to tell, the reader begins to read and the listener starts to hear.

If you’re familiar with the projects of Cop Funeral, then by all certainties, you’re aware that this is a story teller. On the latest release, ‘2 STRESSED 2B BLESSED’, you’ll get glimpses into the past scenes of American modern history, fond memories of beloved friends and captured audio segments of scenes from the daily life of the artist.

The pains described in harsh loops of feedback, whirling and writhing through the crashing distortions, harmonious anthems of reflections through melodic drones stately attuned after blows of heartache, several blurs of lines crashing and curling – this is ‘2 STRESSED 2B BLESSED’. This is the latest release from Cop Funeral. This is…..well, this is just something you’ll need to give a listen to.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 100