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Anybody but the Cops

The Shape of Punk To-Go

September 9, 2016

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI

“Usain Bolt won three gold medals this summer in Rio. Every race he won, he won with relative ease. In fact, many would argue that the Jamaican sprinter is without peers. Cue the “Usain Bolt(s)” of the punk world: Anybody But the Cops.

Loud, fast and without a moment to rest, the Shape of Punk To-Go somehow makes a 7″ feel like a full length. The amount of dynamic shifts ABTC go through in under two minutes is absolutely breathtaking. The complexity of each track speaks to an endless supply of innovation and creativity bouncing around the trio’s heads. When looking back to 2015’s This Machine Sews Patches one can see a band that has only gotten tighter and more comfortable being spastic, irregular and remarkably different.

The Shape of Punk To-Go is a step away from the funkier route the band previously excelled at and instead opts for a no wave, chaotic sprint through seven inches of wax. Where bass lines were previously the glue that kept everyone dancing, Rory has instead weaponized the instrument and moved it towards the forefront of all the hullabaloo. The gloves are off, and everyone is going at it. The result is a sort of dystopian triumph – an overthrowing of convention and an ushering in of a beautiful maddening sound that few could come close to. Though it is brief, the Shape of Punk To-Go is a true tour de force. Step up to the podium, gang. ”
-Jacob Watkins, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 300