already dead tapes & records


Mold / Shoto


September 2, 2016

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI

“‘short and sweet’ ranks among the most cliche descriptions you can give to a release of this scale. you will find, however, that “sweet” is the among the least appropriate adjectives you could slap on this thing. you’re going to go from bittersweet to full on brutality in just under 20 minutes.

dead deer is like the soundtrack to rime of the ancient mariner set in the year 3084. it’ll send you hurtling through space, pondering the infinite and weighing in on the meaning of existence. arpeggiating guitars entice you into dense nebulae. the haunting call of the albatross sucks you into a wormhole, crushing you with 100 tons of punishing rhythm. when you reach the other side, you find yourself in the familiar vast spans of emptiness dotted by twinkling formations and forever lost radio transmissions.

in melody for your day, shoto bodyslams you head first into a concrete mixer. guttural screams to make your ears bleed, fuzz bass to crush your bones and oh-so-catchy guitar licks. it’s like being initiated (see “hazed”) into the swamp thing fraternity.
in rocksling, they unleash the thrash full throttle. try keeping up with those drums – you can’t! mid-jam they slow to deliver one last flying elbow drop. the next thing you know you’re being escorted out to a demented spastic dirge that culminates with a bolt of lightning and hellfire.

have fun, and try not to hurt yourself!”
-Alex Borozan, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 100