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The Grow Fangs

Sci-Fi / Fantasy

August 12th, 2016

Artist Location:
Minneapolis, MN

“‘Sci-Fi Fantasy’ is a real treat. The album is a continuation of what the band established on their self-titled release and 2014’s ‘Buds’ – off the wall lo-fi punk vibes and a sincere, heart on the sleeve honesty that’s as charming as it is catchy. The group, now a four-piece, sound tighter than ever and have produced what is easily their most diverse record to date. Their knack for for showing their influences, paying homage and bringing their own unique style to the table is sharper than ever.

The reality is that The Grow Fangs make fun records. Whether they’re thrashing through a repetitive chorus (“Do What You Usually Do/I Wanna Leave”, “Freaks”, “Andy’s VCR”), or rocking a 90’s style punk ballad about personal experiences or inner turmoil (“John Lennon”, “Pine Cone Castles”), they’re relatable, unembarrassed and unpretentious. Over the last eight years Ray Jackson and James Duke, the co-founders of the group, have expanded their vision and found like-minds to bridge the gaps and forge ahead to create raw, honest punk albums that are catchy, but never predictable.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 100