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July 19th, 2016

Artist Location:
Asbury, IA

“Bob Bucko Jr. has spent the last several years establishing himself as a widely varied experimental artist. His output is consistently engaging and eclectic, while somehow never pulling the same punch twice.

‘Pareidolia’ will be a welcome addition to those already familiar with BBJR’s catalog, and a wonderful introduction for those just discovering the artist’s work. The album explores free jazz, experimental and ambient noise, and even ventures off into tribal and Western music sounds. Album opener “Ancient Wings” is a beautiful, yet minimal composition that explores free jazz saxophone combined with ambient electronic and chanting that has a deeply meditative quality. “(Wherever I’m At Is) Home for Now” has a much more aggressive and driving industrial noise theme, offsetting the tones and emotions set forth on the opener. “My Magic is a Mess” pulls in themes from both of its predecessors – an ambient, yet ominous number that eventually erupts into electric guitar, sax and noise. “(Maybe I’m the One) Who’s Nuts” is uniquely somber, yet more upbeat than the rest of the album. The sounds and instrumentation on this track are the most experimental and exploratory on the record and resolves the album with a sense of freedom and passion.

‘Pareidolia’ is a dynamic and breathtaking album that has much to offer – fans of free jazz, experimental guitar, harsh noise and even electronica will all find much to enjoy.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 60
Art: Alex Cunningham