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Become the Earth

July 15th, 2016

Artist Location:
Brooklyn, NY

“”Brooklyn black metal” may no longer be a blogger buzzword (or at least I hope it isn’t), but it’s readily apparent that New York City’s most confounding boroughs is still churning out quality new extreme metal bands at a steady clip. Pyrolatrous is the newest band of black metal devotees to rear their ugly heads from what’s left of Bushwick’s grime, and anyone who’s been paying attention will immediately recognize the names behind it. Spearheaded by Nicholas Palmiretto (ex-HULL) and drummer Lev Weinstein (Krallice, Geryon, a billion others) and rounded out by Anicon’s Nolan Voss on guitar and Death First bassist Joe Merolla, the project has been quietly gestating for months, and is finally making its public debut today.

The band’s first EP has just been released on cassette by Already Dead Tapes, and is available digitally through the band itself. It features two songs of ugly, thrashy black chaos with technical tendencies and a nasty punk edge—just a teaser, really, but an enticing hint at what’s to come. In addition, Pyrolatrous is making its live debut at Saint Vitus tonight opening for Luminous Vault and Anicon (so if you’re in town, make sure not to miss this display of local excellence!).”
-Kim Kelly, Noisey, 2016

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