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Darko the Super & All These Fingers

Carve a Happy Face on My Tombstone

June 7th, 2016

Artist Location:
Philadelphia, PA

“On any given night somewhere in the suburbs of Philadelphia Darko the Super sits in his bedroom and pours himself into a song. He takes no time off; but it’s also not work for him. It’s much more than that. It’s a necessity for Darko, an Already Dead Tapes veteran who is dropping his 4th release (3rd solo) for the label. The end result of his unreal drive is always an album’s worth of uncontrollable, unedited, thought provoking, hilarious and gut wrenching songs that force you on a roller coaster ride through the 22 year old Philly rapper’s world. On his new tape ‘Carve a Happy Face on My Tombstone’, Darko brings us along with him while he experiences love, heartache and the aftermath of a broken relationship. The 13 songs on this tape glow with the beats of Detroit producer All These Fingers, who perfectly compliments Darko’s grim pre, during, and post relationship rants. What the two have created is something truly remarkable; an album that is as weird and horror stricken as it is accessible and relatable. Darko’s sense of vulnerability shines through in every track and eventually starts to sound like your own conscience. Of course there are the elements that we’ve come to expect from him: shout outs to Nirvana, porn references, violent daydreams, distrust for the government and nods to his hero Bill Hicks. Darko, however, goes beyond that on this release and allows us to view his love story from the infancy of his relationship, through the breakup, to dealing with the heartache, back into another relationship, through that breakup, back into heartache, through despair and into death. As morose as that sounds it is also a reminder of how we all go through Hell to find the love that we are looking for. If it’s too dark, that’s because it hurts. If it sounds harsh, that’s because it’s infuriating. And if it comes across silly, that’s because it’s the greatest comedy of them all. ”
-Wesley Nowlin, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 100