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Dust Bowl

May 24th, 2016

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“You have clicked on this album. You have read both the artist name and the album title. You’ve probably listened to the first track. Are you surprised by what you’re hearing? Didn’t think so.

Rodeo’s Dustbowl is a soundtrack to the best Spaghetti Western that was never made. But please, I implore you, do not mistake this for some novelty ridden John Wayne tribute. Dustbowl is a remarkably honest and moving record from start to finish that flawlessly encapsulates every emotion of the American Frontier. From galloping riffs to sorrowful ambience, Rodeo creeps through all fourteen tracks of Dustbowl with the upmost sincerity and care. It is shockingly good.

Every track has perfected nostalgic western tunes with dabbles of experimentation – Post-rock at the O.K. Corral we’ll call it. There are moments of triumph along with bouts of eerie lonesomeness. Much like the tales that returned home from the Old West, Dustbowl begins full of hope and life and slowly dwindles into sorrow. Each instrument is carefully chosen to enhance the concept being presented. From rattle claps to cellos to Native American flutes no detail has been left out.

The quiet moments are when Dustbowl transcends the initial perception one would garner from the record’s beginning. Knots on a Dusty Wire and Messages are absolute perfection. Rodeo create perfect imagery in a way few have done before. This is one hell of a record.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

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