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Misery Loves Co. / Watermelon


May 3rd, 2016

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI / Providence, RI

“In basements all around the world young weirdos gather to create new forms of expression with little regard for genre or tradition, forging a unique community all their own. To this end we bring you an exciting new split, visiting the basements of Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Misery Loves Co. and Providence, Rhode Island’s Watermelon, respectively. Both acts have tenured experience in noise rock and free jazz, and these recordings find each completely unhinged and creating in a completely improvisational nature, using both traditional and non-traditional elements as songwriting tools.

Misery Loves Co. kicks off the A-side with field recordings reminiscent of a Sounds of Nature cassette. There’s bullfrogs, there are crickets, but what begins to build is a raw and a distorted guitar ballad that stretches across the track’s near 15 minute running time. In many ways “Weeds Like Trees” channels Neil Young’s Dead Man Soundtrack; dark and brooding, yet at times beautiful and simplistic. An extremely immersive listen.

Meanwhile, Watermelon make a loud racket on the B-side. “How to Ensure Prosperity” comes across as a free jazz satire piece. While a spoken word government recording plays, the duo find anything they can to create a structured chaos that flows in and out of consciousness. Drums, saxophone, guitar and harsh noises comprise the symphony that fills this side of the tape, again an engaging, yet completely unique listen.

For those ready to cast your cares away, look no further than the noise filled basements of Misery Loves Co. and Watermelon.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 50