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Darko the Super & Ialive

The Hell Hole Store

March 22, 2016

Artist Location:
Philadelphia, PA

“Its rare that an album can offer its listener a buffet’s worth of compelling and relatable interests. On ‘The Hell Hole Store’, Darko the Super and Ialive fill our plates with an assortment of topics that we can all be intrigued by. Ranging from the funny to the absurd to the more serious social issues that plague our society, these 11 tracks are completely cohesive and display the chemistry that Darko and iAlive have built together. Darko’s worldview and narrative are on par with his previous Already Dead releases ‘Knox Overstreet’ and ‘Oh No! Its Darko’, while Ialive’s smooth style brings balance and stability to the table. This is the definition of a fun album, and on the surface it has every aspect of hanging out with friends; sharing jokes and stories in a smoke filled room. However, ‘The Hell Hole Store’ is not to be taken solely as satire, and has everything that we all want in a 2016 hip hop album. There’s something for everyone on display here; pop culture references, memorable samples and hooks, literary orientations, head-bobbing beats, angst in social consciousness, love and despair, and ultimately, a complete respect for the genre. These two know how to capture the attention of the listener and hold it until the final curtain call.”
-Wesley Nowlin, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 100