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No Monster Club

I Feel Magic

February 19, 2016

Artist Location:
Dublin, Ireland

“HE HAS RISEN! Or rather, he was never really dead. For those who recall No Monster Club’s 2012 record Posthumous Hits, you may also recall that a couple of greedy record executives helped Bobby Aherne (the brain behind No Monster Club) convince the world that he was dead in order to boost record sales or play a practical joke or whatever. I don’t get paid to ask questions. Regardless, No Monster Club has returned in triumphant fashion with I Feel Magic, a cheery, upbeat travelin’ record that says just as much about No Monster Club’s life on the road as it does Aherne’s personal life.

Aherne and his posse often pack up and head out beyond their home in Ireland to tour the continent and the U.S. I Feel Magic presents a brand of indie pop that seems to come from the genuine places one finds themselves while on the road. It’s a record that takes on the attitude of a group of friends persevering in a van and trying to have the best time possible (“With every Cleveland sunset comes a tequila sunrise, we’ve learned how to run with the night”). The melodies are superb and each line is more clever than the last.

No Monster Club’s sound is somewhat rare nowadays. It’s like the world took a step back from swinging upbeat Elephant 6 pop/folk after Michael Cera and Ellen Paige ruined the Moldy Peaches for a group of people who took themselves too seriously or some stupid shit like that. I Feel Magic is a bag of Skittles pouring out of a stereo while sitting on a beach. The album is full of catchy riffs and dinky synth lines that feel absolutely infectious. It has a degree of positivity that is most certainly welcomed. From “Côt d’Ivoire” to “Dodo” and everything in between and after, I Feel Magic is a blast and a half that makes the four-year wait for an Already Dead return worth it. ”
-Jacob Watkins, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 100