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Echo Courts

No Damage

January 19, 2016

Artist Location:
Greensboro, NC

“Sometime last year Kelly Fahey, Luc Swift and I sat on the floor in my Greensboro living room a couple hours before sunrise working through a sort of seasonal sadness with an acoustic guitar, tambourine and a harmonica microphone, taking turns playing, hitting and holding. The result, a spray painted cassette full of lovesick sad-boy crooners pulled from the four-track, will never see the light of day, but that experience, and many others I had with these guys, I feel says a lot about the band’s work as a whole: the shows they play, people they meet, the evenings, early mornings, avenues and alleyways they walk through—this is a band that truly lives, and the music they create is a direct reflection of those lived lives. “No Damage,” four genre-bending tracks that swirl and spin with the best of psychedelic-infused summer breezes may come across as, on the surface, just that: another jangly-summer psych-pop album—but underneath the layers of reverb and catchy hooks, underneath the beautiful dude harmonies and trebly guitars, you will find a North Carolina winter living room, electric and alive with more experience than their ages let on. Echo Courts has been through it and come out on the other side. Listen. Let them tell you about it.”
-Clifford Parody, Swan City Sounds, 2016

Edition of 100