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Filthy Fuckers


January 12, 2016

Artist Location:
Oakland, CA

“Somewhere in Oakland there sits a man in a garage with a guitar and a holiday themed blood lust. That man is Joey Camello of Filthy Fuckers and, perhaps just for posterity’s sake, his plans for murder have been neatly recorded on his newest record, Paradise.

Paradise is a lot like Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs, except it only has eight tracks and none of them are really love songs. The album starts out with all of the charm and fuzz of lo-fi folk, and then it seems Glenn Danzig’s soul somehow took over Camello’s body for track two (Shelter) and the record continues from there.

For those who have become increasingly cynical of the bedroom bound “sad boy”, herein lies relief. Paradise is gritty and raw but whips out the occasional toe tapper in its brief 21 minutes. Its quality comes from a sort of no punches pulled writing style and a knack for being blunt (ref: “On Christmas, the world is a fucked up place”). There are no glitz and glamour here, but you wouldn’t necessarily expect a “pretty” album from a project that goes by Filthy Fuckers now would you?”
-Jacob Watkins, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Edition of 100