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Bouquet Slush

November 17, 2015

Artist Location:
Portland, OR

“The music of Jeff Lane, recorded under the name of Tereshkova, exists on a spectrum. Somewhere between Ride and Bradford Cox, shoegaze and jangle pop, waves of intensity and tender choruses lies Bouquet Slush, Tereshkova’s newest release on Already Dead Tapes. Lane has already established his prowess as a noise maker and 2014’s “Fog and Other Memories” revealed his gift for songwriting along with it; “Bouquet Slush” is another point in songwriting’s corner.

Don’t get me wrong, the mountains of pulsing reverb and overdrive are still right where you want them, but this record’s standout moments come from traditional verse/chorus structures. Right around track six (Tender Eyes) comes the perfect mix of Lane’s strengths. The words are beautiful, the delivery is clear and sounds make the perfect racket to back it up. Bouquet Slush isn’t a Kevin Shields muttered experiment delving into how tangibly noise can be tamed, it’s clear, focused and really a great record. That’s not saying Loveless isn’t one of the greatest records ever, but Bouquet Slush is simply different. Whether or not Lane is even comfortable with the shoegaze title is yet to be seen, but he’s good at it nonetheless and he really makes the whole genre accessible here. ”
-Jacob Watkins, Already Dead Tapes, 2015

Edition of 50