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Pan Pan


November 10, 2015

Artist Location:
Athens, Greece

“For me, an experience is one of the moments that leaves a bubble of time where I feel affected. Music is a great ingredient for adding more flavor to any one of those experiences. I remember one time traveling in Lisbon, and stumbling upon a staircase that led from the road and up to a rooftop cafe. It was one of those nights where the skies looked clear and open to any kind of hope that anyone has. It was then that someone introduced me to “Fado Hip Hop”, a form of hip hop that incorporated Portuguese history and culture. I never felt more “in” with the fresh sound of a new form of music.

Pan Pan has a way of doing this same thing to me. Keeping in consideration that the latest album by Pan Pan “Astrohop” is one of many releases that Pan Pan has put out on Already Dead Tapes, it is safe to say that the bubbles of time that propose new experiences have occurred several times. “Astrohop” defines what Pan Pan was going for. A form of Hip Hop that is….out there. Once again, a new experience is felt. (Thanks Pan Pan.)”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2015

Edition of 50