already dead tapes & records


Insect Factory


November 03, 2015

Artist Location:
Washington, DC

“Insect Factory is one of the best live Noise experiences I’ve ever had. The handful of times I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jeff perform have each been a unique and blissful trip. The live energy is perfectly captured on this release featuring sets from 2008 and 2010. I highly recommend giving this tape your full attention with a good pair of headphones. Sit back and let the storm wash over.

There is a wonderful range of organic textures within. Layers of guitars manipulated into a voice entirely new. Heavy drums and shimmering percussion that push forward and then drift easily into the background. Acoustic sounds borrowed from traditional Folk music and adapted to the sonic palate. Each element is in a constant state of subtle evolution. You’ll find yourself focusing on a particular area and then become completely swept away as the full picture changes without notice. This is the kind of music that will continue to unfold after multiple listens. This is music for the soul. Open up and let it change you.”
-Sean Hartman, Already Dead Tapes, 2015

Edition of 50

Design: Joshua Tabbia