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Emerald Heavy

‘Under the Mountain’

October 27, 2015

Artist Location:
Hattiesburg, MS

“There is comfort in the unapologetic nature in which Emerald Heavy takes on classic arrangements on their new release “Under the Mountain’. The band knows what it is and how to bellow its message to the people. The thoughtfully crafted arrangements throughout the album constantly kick holes in the doom and stoner genres, while also being respectful to their predecessors. The stories told in these 9 songs range from heartache to triumph, and their playful nature keeps your attention for the album’s entirety. These four southern boys from Hattiesburg, MS bring you into their world from the first notes of the opening track “Blood Heavy”. While “Under the Mountain” is super charged to enforce head-nodding and air guitaring onto all of us, firing intelligent ideas through its giant riffs. There is such a sense of connection between the band and the listener that once the album comes to its conclusion you feel as if you’ve just had a few rounds with them at the local bar.”
-Wesley Nowlin, Already Dead Tapes, 2015

Edition of 100