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October 6, 2015

Artist Location:
Moscow, Russia

“Nikta is difficult to fit into any one genre. Meditative, yet haunting, you can practically feel the artist working out inner demons over the thirty-one minutes which comprise the project’s debut effort, ‘Ruby’. These compositions have a disorienting effect reminiscent of watching the films of David Lynch or even David Cronenberg, slow, evolving and often taking you in unexpected directions.

Putting Nikta’s sound into more practical terms, it’s a melting pot of dark electronic, ambient, noise and drone, with a touch of tribal influence. For long-time followers of Already Dead, Nikta is piloted by a familiar name, Nikita Evsuk, formerly working under the Fear Konstruktor moniker. With an impressive back catalog under the former project, ‘Ruby’ feels like a natural progression in Evsuk’s body of work. There’s something more focused, intentional and driving, which makes this one of his strongest efforts to date.

‘Ruby’ arrives just as the seasons change from bright to dreary, with Halloween quickly approaching, making this a perfect fall listen for anyone interested in something outside of the norm. We’re proud to bring you the newest effort from a long-time Already Dead alumn in the form of Nikta’s ‘Ruby’, an album truly suited for cassette.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2015

Edition of 100