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A.M. Stations

Sign of Times

September 29, 2015

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL

“A.M. Stations drop a bomb of brevity with Sign of Times, a 3 track EP on Already Dead Tapes that features two vocal compositions and one instrumental piece. The opener, “The Last Right,” kicks things right into motion with no delay. The driving punk rhythm of guitar, bass and drums battles against the sheets of noise laid down by Joshua Tabbia which seem to be pulling in the opposite direction, creating a cyclone effect. Following this, “Bristol Hum” begins with a plodding beat accompanied by sounds that resemble the repetitious mass production of an assembly line. As the track takes off into song, it gradually evolves into a post-hardcore vibe that almost rings of Red Medicine-era Fugazi or At the Drive-In around the time they released the Vaya EP, especially since both those works saw the artists experimenting with nontraditional punk sounds as A.M. Stations do in spades. The last piece on Sign of Times, “L.A.M.P.,” is an extended instrumental that builds a new ornate tower out of the rubble left by the first two songs, and this is where A.M. Stations leave us for the time being, peering at the world from atop this new vantage point they have hastily but assuredly erected for us (actually, the production spanned several months but we’re strictly speaking about the listening experience here). It’s a swift journey worthy of repeated listens. Get with it!”
-Peter Cook, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


Edition of 50

Design: Joshua Tabbia