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The Life & Death of Longface

July 27, 2015

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL

“‘The Life & Death of Longface’ is an E.P. that chronicles the adult years of its central character, Longface. After leaving his home on the farm, Longface travels north in pursuit of his progressive ideals and the exciting unknown where he starts a band in the album opener, “Scalawag.” After years of gigging and urban existence, Longface meets his muse and soon to be lover, Agnes Pachoulia Earheart, namesake of the album’s penultimate track “Pachoulia.” The duo get pregnant, the life-changing nature of which causes Longface to begrudgingly quit his band and return to the farm that he spent so much time trying to escape. The second track, “Carpetbaggers,” chronicles Longface and Pachoulia’s return south, and expresses the emotional turmoil and existential mediocrity that begins to weigh all too heavily on Longface’s heart. Feeling trapped inside of his life, “The Pit of Never Ending” recounts the substance abuse and psychological malaise that brings him to his breaking point. Towards the bottom of his downward spiral; Longface is alone, unloved and stumbling through an unending bender. It’s only when he is dreaming in a stupor that he can recall the joy of meeting “Pachoulia” all those years ago. In “Spring Bottom Belly,” the album closer, Longface faces himself—a catalyzing experience relayed through his confrontation with a wooden bird inside of the cuckoo clock of his boyhood home.”
-Glenn Curran, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


Edition of 100

Artwork: Jennifer Cronin