already dead tapes & records


Mu Vonz


July 7, 2015

Artist Location:
Oakland, CA

“It’s there to say the least; an ancient charm that overwhelms, a brazen fervor that unsettles, and a one song-ed album that sums up the tired notion of experience as a nonchalant blasé. After multiple releases on ADT, last year’s ‘Lub Dub’ and a feature spot on the ‘IV’ compilation, Mu Vonz makes itself at home with yet another release, titled “Blasé”. In confrontation to all the hustle and bustle, the worries and frets and the noise accompanied by endless amounts of confusion – Mu Vonz’s “Blasé” is telling all y’all to ‘just chill’.  It’s got deep tones, slow grooves and pinches of seduction – (not entirely seductive, remember there’s a fair amount of blasé in Mu Vonz’s seduction.)  It’s Mu Vonz’s latest release “Blasé” on Already Dead Tapes and Records.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


Edition of 100

Design: Joshua Tabbia