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Darko the Super

Knox Overstreet

June 23, 2015

Artist Location:
Philadelphia, PA


“For those who found last year’s ‘Oh No!, It’s Darko’ a welcome excursion from what mainstream hip-hop to offer, we’re happy to announce that Darko the Super has returned in top form. Rather than reflecting on his already absurdly prolific career, ‘Knox Overstreet’ finds the young MC and producer marching onward. The youthful angst, throwback production style and lyrical homage to 80’s and 90’s pop culture found on his prior efforts are all ever-present, but ‘Knox Overstreet’ feels more refined and considered, each song flowing into the next, the compositions more dynamic and the message more honest and in your face than ever.

For those new to the stylings of Darko, think early MF Doom and Eyedea, with the voice of Michael Anderson of Rapider Than Horsepower or Eric Paul of Arab on Radar. His flow is often manic and his lyrical content unembarrassed and painfully truthful, if at times self loathsome. In these sixteen tracks Souza tells the story of raging against suburban unrest, expresses a deep love of his influences and trials of avoiding a day job for the sake of one’s art. There’s boldness in accepting one’s self, and Darko finds great strength here, through a humor and aggressive flow.

‘Knox Overstreet’ finds an artist who has established their unique voice at a young age, built an impressive catalog of work and is always feverishly looking onto the next conquest.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


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